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Who We Are

FMB Radio is an online community radio station based in Nottingham that amplifies authentic community voices by enabling individuals and organisations to tell their stories in their own way and using their genuine voices.

Focusing mainly on young people within BME and migrant communities, FMB Radio offer individuals and organisations training, resources and platform to capture, store, manage and broadcast their contents, thereby challenging existing assumptions and stereotyping while promoting what they perceive as important and relevant. FMB Radio works in partnership with media houses, organisations and groups in developing positive and solution journalism.

About us

FMB Radio Mission

Our mission is to capture, store and amplifying authentic community voices. This helps us to tell inspirational stories about local communities thereby building better social connections by enhancing trust, improving relationships and helping communities to appreciate and celebrate diversity.

In addition to broadcasting to empower and inform our communities, we also offer:

Production and recording studio services for music, audio and video solutions
Digital storytelling services
Radio broadcasting training and placements

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Why might I hear different presenters on different days?

Whilst we’d love to have the same presenters in the same slots each day, and every week, the voluntary basis on which the station operates means this isn’t always possible – particularly weekday day-time.   So we work hard to utilise the team we have to ensure you still get what you like most about the station – all the great songs and plenty of local content – so the surprise may only be in who’s presenting.

Can I get involved?

If you consider yourself to be a team player – absolutely!  So, if you fancy a new challenge, want to put existing skills to good use, or learn some new ones, whether you want to work on-air or behind the scenes – you can help run your local radio station!  To find out more on our current recruitment initiative and opportunities,

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