COVID-19 Vaccination Bookings Open to Over 70s

As lockdown drags on, deaths rise and the outlook seems bleak, some encouraging news is present in Nottinghamshire. Many of us are now relying on the vaccine as a sign of hope and a sign that that the COVID-19 pandemic may be finally coming to an end. The vaccine is currently being administered across the country with the latest figures showing that over seven million in the UK have now received a jab.

Nottingham in particular is doing well. People aged over 70 can now start booking vaccinations across Nottinghamshire, showing Nottingham is making its way down the priority groups. As Nottingham City Council announced, once people in this group have received their NHS letter, they can book their vaccination either online or over the phone (number: 0115 883 4640).

In Nottinghamshire, there are seven Local Vaccination Services and three Hospital Hubs providing COVID-19 vaccinations. There is also a Mass Vaccine Centre in Mansfield. People are being encouraged to share the news with friends and family over 70 and make sure as many people get vaccinated as quickly possible. The vaccine sites in Nottingham are:

Ashfield Health Village, Kirkby in Ashfield

Forest Recreation Ground, Forest Fields, Nottingham

Gamston Community Centre, Gamston

King’s Meadow Campus, Lenton Lane, Nottingham

Newark Showground, Newark

Richard Herrod Centre, CarltonMore than 500 people have died due to COVID-19 in Nottingham, with the City Council placing 500 candles in Old Market Square to honour them.


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