Déja’s and Lily’s Community Conversation Show

Radio presenters: Deja Jones and Lily Obadiah

Air Time: 6PM on Sundays 

What is the show? 

Two University of Nottingham students that are complete strangers from diverse backgrounds chatting fortnightly about topics ranging from international issues to those within the Nottingham Community as well as personal to ourselves, with a particular focus on challenges posed to vulnerable groups in the community amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The series comprises of five 30-minute  episodes titled ‘Community Conversations’ and are available on Spotify under…

Together we dive in to sensitive underacknowledged topics from mental health struggles, our experiences as mixed race women in the UK and the concerning rise in domestic violence and discriminatory hate crime in the face of COVID-19. Listen to us explore each other’s views and experiences as we touch on an array of issues from the widespread impacts of COVID-19 and Lockdown, rising social tensions amidst a contentious socio-political climate, the role of social media in fuelling these conflicts and showcasing Nottingham-based organisations and resources offering support in dealing with these challenges. 

FMB Radio have given us a rare platform to voice our experiences, opinions and ideas on topics that are important to us and the Nottingham community. Whilst creating this show we wanted to raise awareness regarding the issues vulnerable groups face and also offering support to such groups should they need it. We also want to encourage critical conversations between friends and family in terms of race, gender and identity in the modern age beyond the mainstream ways of thinking. We believe having these conversations are essential to invoking social change towards equality for all groups. 

If whilst listening to our shows you find any of the topics relate to your personal experiences or you have any questions we would love to hear from you! Reach out to us via email through lily@fmbradio.com or deja@fmbradio.com. We hope you enjoy listening to our discussions as much as we enjoyed having them! 

Listen to them on Anchor : https://anchor.fm/deja-jones8

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