FMB RADIO celebrates diversity in community on this International Women’s Day

Image: #BreakTheBias

By Anmol Agrawal

Many questions it is the 21st century, do we still need a day to celebrate women? Yes, we do. Unfortunately, gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence against women, these are the terms we are still fighting in 2022.

International Women’s Day is celebrated to acknowledge the achievements of women all around the world, it is crucial that they are treated equally despite their colour, race, and origin.

We here at FMB radio provide authentic voices to those who are muffled. We have women working at FMB from different parts of the world. Not only these women make their voices heard, but they create opportunities for other women to tell their stories in the community.

Paula Pontes who works for Angolan Women Voice Association UK said, “diversity is very important at the workplace, you feel you belong, you feel free, you feel more important, you feel you are part of the society and development”.

Erin O’donoghue who is Training, Learning, and Development Manager at Fearless Youth Association said, “it is important for the next generation to have representation at the workplace seeing both men and women at powerful positions, it only is going to inspire the next generation”.


As of August 2021, approximately 46 percent of women in Great Britain thought that more should be done to address equal pay in relation to gender inequality. A lot of work needs to be done to make women feel safe, equal, and secure in society. Thus, it’s essential to commemorate these women’s achievements in different fields to make the women of the next generation feel more empowered.

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