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FMB Radio is a community radio, funded on the concepts of uniqueness, authenticity, and equality. This is shown by targeting young individuals who have a BME or immigrant background. By doing so, we are giving the chance to deconstruct and challenge social stigmas and stereotypes that, unfortunately, still surround many communities.

As Milan (2010:1) stated, a community radio consists of ‘a crucial input in development processes, playing an important role in democratisation, social struggles, and awareness raising’; the objective is giving a voice to the local community, and be sure that it is listened. Therefore, it is even more fundamental to have a clear image of what their listeners is interested in and want to listen to. That is why is fundamental to conduct an audience analysis.

An audience analysis in a radio phonically context, consists of an in-depth study on the interests and thoughts of the consumers, in this case, the listeners; it is a fundamental step that needs to be taken to create a connection between the two parties (DeCaro, et al., 2012). Thanks to a valid audience analysis, the radio gets closer to its community, by asking them their preferences and learning how to improve and progress.

In this specific case, the audience analysis was structured three parts: the first one consisted of preliminary research of the various concepts regarding community radio and audience strategy, to have a background knowledge of the topic; the second step was making and distributing a survey to our consumers, with questions based on individual preferences. Finally, we analysed the consumers’ data from the month of July and put together all the information that we collected from these elements, by discussing the findings.

Thanks to the contribution of all the kind individuals who participated to the survey, and our listeners, we arrived at the conclusion that FMB Radio reached a consistent international public, which is surprisingly positive and special for a community radio, which as previously mentioned, focuses on the local community, in our case is Nottingham. In fact, on a total of 1,246 listeners (Only this month!) most of our listening are streamed for the United States (28%), which is followed by the local UK listeners who are 14%.

Moreover, countries such as Brazil, Germany and the Russian Federation have as well an important number of consumers. Seeing how culturally diverse our radio community is, is a great achievement and starting point for FMB radio, since the aim is to reach as many countries and cultures as possible.

From more of a technical point of view, the platform which is mainly used to listen to FMB Radio is TuneIn; which, being one of the most internationally popular application and website to listen to the different radio stations, is in line with the distribution of our listeners. In fact, TuneIn is one of the most used platforms in the USA, followed by Safari and Amazon Echo. FMB Radio is well distributed in different platforms, which is fundamental to reach as many listeners as possible. However, to increase the numbers even more, the research on finding new media platforms that prioritise community voices is crucial to obtain even a better impact.

In conclusion, it is a matter of give and take, the community gives to us, and we give back to our listeners. We are extremely great and proud to our listeners and this audience analysis was fundamental to understand the background of all our radio transmissions, the hard work of the staff and the passion that each individual puts in it, and it is only the starting point to improve and enhance our community, by reaching as many people as possible, and, mostly, finding new interesting and unique voices to listen to.

Research done by Tajrian Abedin

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