Honey’s Respect my Voice Show

Radio Presenter: Honey Harrop

Air time: 6PM on Wednesdays

‘Respect my Voice’ is a podcast aimed at amplifying voices often overlooked in society. The main aim is to concentrate on people and communities who are often sidelined, and shed a bit more light on the issues they face through interviews and discussions.

Show #1 is the introductory show and focuses on the broader topic of amplifying voices. It includes insight from Honey (the host) into her experience of being a queer woman, followed by an interview with Maz, a member of Canvas4 Equality. The conversation touches on decolonisation (particularly around education), White privilege and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Show #2 dives into LGBTQ+ spaces during the pandemic. This is a special LGBT history month episode, featuring an interview with the notorious Nottinghamshire drag queen Marilyn Sane (Lewis Barlow). The discussion includes community sentiment throughout the last year, the closure of some of Nottingham’s most prominent queer spaces, and advice to those struggling with their sexuality or gender identity over lockdown. It also includes some LGBT history from around the East Midlands, going back as far as the 14th century!

Show #3 is all about Travellers’ rights. Honey talks about the history of the GRT (Gypsy, Roma and Traveller) community in the UK, as well as their contributions to British life and some organisations fighting for GRT rights. Of course, there is also discussion of the difficulties Travellers face, including poor media portrayal, health challenges, historical and modern persecution, lack of pitching sites and cultural stereotyping.

Show #4 discusses Public Sexual Harassment (PSH). This episode touches on what PSH is, who it affects and some attitudes towards it. It also includes an interview with Emily Garton, student ambassador for Our Streets Now at the University of Nottingham, which particularly touches on PSH on campuses, myth-busting, and the campaign for legislative change.

Listen to her shows on Anchor.

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