Interview with Emmanuel House

Emmanuel House is a name not many of you may be aware of, but their work aims to help one of the most forgotten group in society: the homeless.  A forty-five-year-old support centre founded by a Catholic Priest; Emmanuel House is a charity which has two primary goals. The prevention of homelessness and helping individuals who are homeless to overcome it. In FMB’s latest podcast on Anchor, we were introduced in more detail to the work that Emmanuel House does. In just half an hour, we are introduced to the work one of Nottingham’s most caring support centres. 

Emmanuel House incorporates three broad categories of work in its capacity as a support group. Firstly, there is the use of drop-in provisions to help those in immediate need. These provisions are designed to help people who need but cannot access support elsewhere. Secondly, Emmanuel House offers various outreach sources to help individuals. One of the most common impacts of homelessness is the detrimental effects on mental health. The charity therefore works to provide specialist mental health support, and help these individuals overcome the hidden impact of homelessness. The final area of support we see is helping victims of homelessness find shelter, be it hotels, or Emmanuel House’s own night shelters. These three key areas of work, combined with various other support groups and activities discussed in the interview, we can see some of the good this support group does for the people of the Nottingham.

The past year has been a serious challenge for the work of Emmanuel House. Although the government’s scheme to provide temporary to all homeless people has been of great help, there are still rising challenges. Demands for homelessness support have sadly increased throughout the covid-19 pandemic and will likely continue to rise for some time. In the interview, we hear of the challenges that Emmanuel House is facing at the moment, and how it plans to move forward over the next few years. The issue as always, stems from resources. Emmanuel House is a charity, and the work it does must depend on the generosity of others. 

Fortunately, Emmanuel House is well connected in Nottingham, with over one thousand supporters and links to one hundred and thirty other organisations and charities. Their Christmas funding campaign was so successful it raised over £100,000. This is still not enough, however, and the charity will need further help to continue its good fight to combat homelessness. 

This interview highlights the work of an essential charity. Homelessness is often invisible, and as such FMB’s work to highlight and help is essential in fighting homelessness. For the full details, please see the full interview on Anchor. And for more details on Emmanuel House, visit their website. There you will find an eye opening and impactful story of one of their workers. This film is only ten minutes long and is worth the watch. 

Written by Iain Messore

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