Kieran’s and Felix’s Sport Show

Radio Hosts: Kieran Murray and Felix Rowland

Air Time: 6PM on Saturdays (around 20-30 minutes long) 

The Sports show gives insight into some of the more complex and under-represented sides of sport and their issues and discusses how various social issues are integrated into sport as a whole. Examples of this are our discussions on mental health and its stigma in sport and the failings in various sports to achieve racial diversity, both at high levels and in the administrative bodies in sport, and in an early episode addressing diversity in sport we focused on the differing treatment of black and white footballers in the media and the lack of diversity in the Football Association for instance. While sport is a great entertainer for those who follow professional sport, we can easily become disconnected with the abstract world of high level sport that we see from the outside and not notice the human issues athletes suffer through, as well as the failings in many sports to protect athletes from social issues such as racism and homophobia. With this in mind we’ve discussed both the effects of sport (and lockdown) on mental health and the lack of mental health support in sport. Although more noticeable in high level sports and how they’re marketed, at all levels sports maintain a macho ‘dressing room culture’ making it difficult to speak out about mental health in a sporting environment and causing many athletes to feel trapped in their jobs with no help around them. Fortunately, there are a handful of people we’ve covered paving the way to improve the environment in sport both in terms of reducing racial discrimination and in supporting athlete’s mental health, such as Raheem Sterling, who has stood up against the clear bias against black athletes many tabloids maintain and tried to inspire younger athletes to stand against this system that all too often holds them back. Similarly, Tyson Fury has opened up to the world about his mental health struggles following the peak of his career and despite working in the sometimes toxic environment of boxing, he has shown his vulnerable side while fighting at the highest level, trying to redefine what it is to be ‘masculine’ into something more positive. We cover these crucial topics and look at sport from a different perspective in our show, putting the industry as a whole under the microscope rather than debating about players or other more standard sporting themes. 

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