Mojatu Magazine 2021 Media Kit

FMB Radio’s partner Mojatu Media is a community-based organisation that works to inform, educate and sensitise communities through various media and community engagement.

Mojatu is frequently involved in projects that promote the skills, education, careers, arts and culture of the African community. They have a long-standing commitment to enabling the voices of previously over-looked individuals and groups, helping them to integrate and flourish in society. Mojatu adopts the initiative of using Mojatu Media’s platforms as a means to empower and transform communities. They source and feature original and engaging content via printed and online publications, social media, newsletters, audio and video products. They publish Mojatu Magazines in Nottingham, Reading, Gambia, Kenya and Somaliland. They are constantly expanding our readership through our online platforms and social media, meaning greater potential for the reach and impact of your sponsorship to the community.

Have a look at their newest Media Kit, which contains all necessary information about advertising and sponsorship.

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