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We believe that we can best help the Community if we talk to them and try to understand them. We love that Nottingham community is so diverse with people coming from different cultures and ethnical background. Before the pandemic we have been organising community conversations where we invited our community members to express their opinions on issues related to racism, governance, safety, education and many more.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 we had to transform these community conversations, but we were able to find a solution online that worked for everybody. During these transitions we have created numerous videos and interviews with locals talking about their mental health journey. Below you can find these videos.

David’s Story

Meet David, a service user of our Employment Support Service. Employment Specialists support people who wish to find paid employment, or progress to alternative employment which may be more beneficial to their needs.

For more info visit: Click on the photo and watch the video of David.


Colin’s Story

‘They were there for me
through every single step’
Colin’s mental health
journey is so inspiring, we thought we would share it
with you. Throughout the week we will be sharing some of our
service users’ stories, to
highlight the importance of reaching out and receiving help.

Click on the photo and watch the video of Colin.

JJ’s Story

This story of JJ’s how JJ was diagnosed with Psychosis and how he could overcome challanges due to this illness. He explains ‘ I wanted to go back into employment because I didn’t like being out of work and found it stressful having so much time on my hands’

Click on the photo and watch the video of JJ.


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