Digital Storytelling

As part of our principles we set our goal to showcase and inform the diverse communities in Nottingham through our Digital Storytelling. Our team of editors, videographers, project managers and photographers are always ready and steady to record interesting conversations, entertaining events or talented artists’ work. Below there are some of the works that we have done in partnership with the Fearless Youth Association (FYA) and Mojatu Foundation.

Nina Duaban: Nottinghamshire Community Foundation

Before lockdown, we met up with Nottinghamshire Community Foundation (NCF), an independent charity set up to encourage philanthropy for the benefit of the people in Nottinghamshire. Their unique approach to philanthropy allows individuals and businesses to support their own specific local interests and causes and in doing so invest in the future of their community.

“NCF acts as a “broker” between people who care about their local community and the wide range of voluntary organisations, community groups and local charities who do the hands-on work to make a real difference where we live”.

Click on the picture and watch this video to learn more about what they do and how they allocate funds, and Nina’s opinions on knife crime and social media.


Jacqueline Lockhart: Tackling social issues & recognising intersectionalities in Nottingham

Through our Digital Stories we aim to Celebrating Social Cohesion in Nottingham. This Story of Jacqueline who works across Nottingham for and with various organisations to helping tackle a range of social issues across the UK.

Jacqueline let us know her story, what inspires her, and gives young people who are passionate about social change advise on effective ways to approach social issues, with an emphasis on intersectionality.


Click on the picture and watch the video with Jacqueline!


Police Constable Interview

The next Digital Story is our Knife Crime Interview with Police Constable Craig Guilford. This interview was created in partnership with the Fearless Youth Association.

This interview introduced the police perspective on Knife Crimes and Officer Constable gave useful tips and advices for young people.


Click on the image and watch the interview with Officer Constable.

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