The Banksy Saga Continues

It has been over one month since the street artist Banksy claimed the artwork of a girl hula hooping with a bike tyre at the end of Rothesay Avenue in Lenton. 

Since then, the street has become a popular place for both locals and art lovers to admire the work. It is regularly monitored by the council, and now has a plastic screen covering it to protect it from any vandalism. However, more recently the broken bike which was attached to the nearby lamppost at the end of Rothesay Avenue, and constituted a large part of the painting has disappeared leaving many residents puzzled.

Luckily, officials at the Nottingham Project, a group which aims to help rejuvenate the city has confirmed that it was not illegally taken. Rather, in a statement on twitter at the weekend a spokesperson said: “The bike has been moved and is in very safe keeping. This action was taken to remove any risk to it remaining in its original location. We are working with Nottingham City Council and the property owner to safeguard the future of the artwork including the bicycle as an important asset for Nottingham’s cultural and creative future.”

The artwork has become a staple to the Nottingham community, and in a time where Nottingham has seen some of the largest numbers of coronavirus cases in the country (although this pattern is now changing), it is nice to see some positive work being displayed. Now, one can only hope that the work is preserved and not damaged and the bike, which has been replaced by a Nottingham resident remains in it is vital place as part of the artwork. 


Fate of missing Banksy bike revealed after group places it in ‘safe keeping’ – Nottinghamshire Live (

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