Unemployment in Nottingham

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people all across the world, but it has also brought
attention to existing inequalities. The goal of this study was to see how COVID-19 affected
members of the BAME population, especially unemployment rates, as compared to white
employees. In the United Kingdom, there is a notable disparity in unemployment rates
between employees from the BAME population and white workers. COVID-19 has a
detrimental impact on the unemployment status of BAME employees more than white
workers, according to the available literature on the subject. According to the research
completed so far, employees from minority ethnic backgrounds have been one of the groups
affected most by the coronavirus pandemic economically. One theory for why BAME
employees have greater unemployment rates is that they are more likely to work in industries
that have been impacted hardest by COVID-19, such as retail and aviation. This paper
provides solid data to back up this research claim. COVID-19 has forced people, regardless
of race, to use their savings, as this research demonstrates. When analysing the data in this
study, it was evident that when looking at the disruption in their job status, the percentage of
BAME participants was much greater than the white participants. This supports the pre-
existing research that COVID-19 had disrupted many people’s employment status, more so
for BAME workers.One of the primary goals of this research is to raise awareness about the
significant disparity in unemployment rates between BAME and white workers. People are
dissatisfied with the governmental frameworks that have been put in place to address the high levels of unemployment created by COVID-19, according to the feedback from the surveys carried out in this study. The numbers should not be overlooked. This study calls for more effective government action to help the least fortunate and those who have been most affected by the pandemic.

You can read the whole report below.

Research done by Annabel Smith.

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