Wollaton Hall Makes its Netflix Original Debut

Vanessa Hudgens is probably most well known for her role as Gabriella in the High School Musical movies. Wollaton Hall is probably most well known for being one of the filming locations for the Batman films (as well has having some pretty cute deer as well). 

So how are the two related? Approximately half an hour into Hudgens new film ‘The Princess Switch: Switched Again’, there is a wide span shot of the ‘Pembroke Estate’ which is where Lady Fiona Pembroke (one of the three characters that Hudgens plays) lives. The so called ‘Pembroke Estate’ is actually, Wollaton Hall. 

Although it hall gets a cameo, it unfortunately does not appear as an official filming location so it is unlikely that any filming actually occurred however it is refreshing to see Wollaton making another appearance of the big screen.

Film fans will be all to aware of Wollaton Halls appearance in the Christopher Nolan Batman sequel, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. However, what they may not know is that Hollywood A-Listers including Anne Hathaway, Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine and even Morgan Freeman were all at Wollaton, on set, during filming. What’s more, Wollaton is also five miles north of the village of Gotham and there has been an acknowledgement of the links between the naming of the fictional city and the Nottinghamshire village.

So, it seems like whilst Netflix is making attempts to bring some Christmas cheer with an array of new Christmas films including ‘The Princess Switch: Switched Again’, it is doing this with a little help from a Nottinghamshire treasure – the great Wollaton Hall. 


Wollaton Hall makes surprise Netflix appearance in new trending Christmas film – Nottinghamshire Live (nottinghampost.com)

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